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Catalog number: BIO-52077
Price: 87 €
Supplier: Bioline PCR reagents kits
Product name: ISOLATE II RNA Plant Kit
Quantity: 50 preps
Other quantities: 10 preps 87€
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Sample available price in Eur: 15
Keep at the suggested temperature of: RT
Type of Taq polymerase for PCR with a Thermocycler DNA polymerase or PCR reagent: DNA/RNA Purification columns
Delivery of your reagent: Ambient
Expiry date: 12 Months from Purchase
More info: total RNA from a variety of plant tissues, Fast and efficient isolation of extremely pure
About: DNA , cDNA and plant tissues are used to study plant genes, Plants RNA
Gene target: ISOLATE II RNA Kit
Short name: ISOLATE II RNA Kit
Species: Plants, Plant
Alternative name: ISOLATE II RNA vegetal reagent

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