TransScript GENTAUR Green miRNA Two-Step qRT-PCR SuperMix

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Catalog number: AQ202-01
Price: 492 €
Supplier: TAQ
Product name: TransScript GENTAUR Green miRNA Two-Step qRT-PCR SuperMix
Quantity: RTSystems/qPCRSystems - 20 rxns×20 μl/500
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Group: polymerase chain reaction, PCR
About: The mores specific the lower the yield, TAQ or Pfu or Pfx or other enzymes are used for polycmerase chain reaction and have different specificity
Gene target: TransScript GENTAUR Two qRT SuperMix
Short name: TransScript GENTAUR miRNA Two-Step qRT-PCR SuperMix
Technique: For real time PCR the cycle threshold Ct values willneed to be set before the experiment, Than the RT-PCR starts from RNA and real time PCR quantitates the cDNA so the RNA in the sample on given time of the experiment, The , microRNAs, (PCR) amplifies the DNA in your sample, miRNA, polymerase chain reaction 
Alternative name: TransScript GENTAUR Green RNA silencing Two-Step qRT-PCR test reagent SuperMix
Alternative technique: rtpcrkits

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