Collagen-based Cell Contraction Assay

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Catalog number: CBA-201
Price: 511 €
Supplier: Cellular biology labs
Product name: Collagen-based Cell Contraction Assay
Quantity: 24 assays
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We send this reagant on: Room temperature
The temperatureerature for storage is: 4º, C
SDS or safty data sheet: more (CBA-201) GHS, pdf
Type of reagent: Cell Based Assays
Related techniques: Cell Contraction Assays, Cell Contraction Assays, Two-Step Attached Model, Cell Based Assays
Use of the reagent: Collagen-based Contraction Assay test kit provides a simple system to assess cell contractivity in vitro and screen cell contraction mediators, Each test kit provides sufficient quantities to perform up to 24 assays in a 24-well plate, The test kit can be also used in culturing cells in 3D collagen matrix, Cell Biolabs&rsquo
Cellular use: Uses a 3D collagen matrix to measure changes in the collagen gel size
Protocol information: Assess cell contractivity and screen for cell contraction mediators
Reagent properties: Includes optional cell contraction inhibitor
Living modified organisme in this reagent or LMO: Not applicable
Conjugation and form: host specific
Species compatible to: human cells and cell lines and other cells
Use of this test kit or product: Molecular biology
Antigen: the sequence of the protein
Buffer: 26, The concentration in mg/ml in a 10mM of buffered solution at pH 7 to 7
Molecular weight: kiloDalton
This reagent is purified: 98
Test: Cellular biology labs supplies other types of Assays as 1
Gene target: Collagen-based Contraction
Short name: Collagen-based Cell Contraction Assay
Technique: assays, Assay
Host: Assay
Alternative name: Collagen-based cellular Contraction test
Alternative technique: arrays

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