FLICA based Caspase 13 Assay Kit

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Catalog number: 930
Price: 674 €
Supplier: Immunochemistry kits
Product name: FLICA based Caspase 13 Assay Kit
Quantity: 100
Other quantities: 25 282€
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Type: For unfixed samples you necrosis can be detected by propidium iodide or Hoechst strain, The samples are cell cultures and tissues, This kits contains stains, We use a 488 nm / 530 nm existation emission wavelenght, fluorescent microscope or with a fluorescent plate reader, wash buffers and dye reagents, These assays are for analyzing living cells by facs
Test: Immunochemistry kits supplies other types of Assays as 1
Gene target: FLICA based Caspase 13 Kit
Short name: FLICA based Caspase 13 Assay Kit
Technique: assays, Assay
Host: Assay
Alternative name: FLICA based caspase 13 test reagent
Alternative technique: arrays

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