Hamster Heart Total RNA

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Catalog number: AR-801
Price: 181 €
Supplier: Zyagen
Product name: Hamster Heart Total RNA
Quantity: 0.1mg
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Properties: Using mabs or monoclonal antibodies has a lot of advantages for Flow cytometry, Armenian of Syrian hamster monoclonal IgGs are useful antibodies for double staining your IHC samples
Gene target: Heart RNA
Short name: Heart RNA
Host: Hamster
Species: Hamsters, Hamster
Alternative name: Hamster Heart Total RNA
Identity: 52978
Gene: LINC02208 | More about : LINC02208
Long gene name: long intergenic non-protein coding RNA 2208
Synonyms: HRAT56
Synonyms name: heart tissue-associated transcript 56
Discovery year: 2017-01-18
Entrez gene record: 101927280
RefSeq identity: NR_104610

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