Zika Virus NS1 Blocking Peptide sequence

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Catalog number: P-ZIKANS1
Price: 218 €
Supplier: fabgen
Product name: Zika Virus NS1 Blocking Peptide sequence
Quantity: 100 µg
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Vial description: purified Zika Virus NS1 Blocking Peptide
Antibody's or peptide concentration: ug/ml in stabilization buffer
Raised in: sterile environment
Reactivity: specific antigen
Immunogen: see msds
Antigen or peptide: Zika Virus NS1
Original name: Zika Virus NS1 Blocking Peptide
Phosphorylation: Non phosphorylated
Epitope: specific sequence
Type: Blocking Peptide
Antibody's relevance: Immunocompetition, Immunodepletion
Antibody's application: Immunocompetition, Immunodepletion
Storage conditions: -20⁰C for long term storage
Genbank number: see ncbi
Protein number: UPI000764CEEF
Test: You can block the antibody by the specific target amino acid sequence of peptide
Gene target: Zika Virus NS1
Short name: Zika Virus NS1 Blocking Peptide sequence
Technique: blocking peptides, Blocking
Species: Viruses, Virus
Alternative name: ZIKV Virus NS1 inhibiting short protein sequence sequence
Alternative technique: control
Identity: 9644
Gene: PTPN11 | More about : PTPN11
Long gene name: non-receptor type 11 , protein tyrosine phosphatase
Synonyms gene: NS1
Synonyms gene name: Noonan syndrome 1
Synonyms: BPTP3 SH-PTP2 SHP-2 PTP2C SHP2
Locus: 12q24, 13
Discovery year: 1993-03-03
GenBank acession: D13540
Entrez gene record: 5781
Pubmed identfication: 7894486 1280823
Classification: Protein tyrosine phosphatases, non-receptor type SH2 domain containing
Havana BLAST/BLAT: OTTHUMG00000134334
Locus Specific Databases: LRG_614

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