Monoclonal Anti-Monkey (Rhesus) Serum Albumin

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Catalog number: ALBMK22-M
Price: 565 €
Supplier: adi
Product name: Monoclonal Anti-Monkey (Rhesus) Serum Albumin
Quantity: 100 μL
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Category: Primary Antibodies
Vial description: Affinity purified Unlabeled ascites Monoclonal Anti-Monkey (Rhesus) Serum Albumin
Antibody's type is: Monoclonal
Antibody's host is: Mouse
Purification: Affinity purified
About: Each murine monoclonal anibody has his own affinity specific for the clone, Monkeys like rhesus's or the rhesus macaque (Macaca mulatta) are the most used apes in laboraty models, Mouse monoclonal antibodies are purified protein A or G and can be conjugated to FITC for flow cytometry or FACS and can be of different isotypes, Monoclonals of this antigen are available in different clones
Group: Sera
Gene target: Monoclonal Albumin
Short name: Monoclonal Anti-Monkey ( ) Serum Albumin
Technique: Monoclonals or monoclonal antibodies
Species: Monkeys, Rhesuses, Rhesus
Alternative name: monoclonal antibody to-Monkey (Rhesus) blood serum Albumin

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