Reptile Serum (Alligator), U.S. Origin

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Catalog number: AK8968
Price: 488 €
Supplier: Akro Albumins and cell culture
Product name: Reptile Serum (Alligator), U.S. Origin
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Type of cell culture reagent: Cell culture grade Reptile Serum
Keep at following Temperature: C/Dry Ice, -20°
About: Bird genes and amphibian gene have homologies to reptile genes, lizards,  ,  ,  , Reptiles , and dinosaures, crocodilians, include snakes, turtles
Group: Sera
Gene target: Origin, (Alligator) U, S
Short name: Origin, S, Serum (Alligator) U
Species: Reptiles, Reptile
Alternative name: Origin, U, Reptile blood serum (Alligator), S

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