Elastase (ELA, PPE) ex. Porcine Pancreas for biochemistry

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Catalog number: 51755
Price: 324 €
Supplier: Research sys
Product name: Elastase (ELA, PPE) ex. Porcine Pancreas for biochemistry
Quantity: 5 Mg
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Reagent properties: Intermediates and solvents for biotechnological research
Chemical CAS Nr: 39445-21-1
Gene target: PPE) ex, Pancreas for biochemistry, Elastase (ELA
Short name: PPE) ex, Porcine Pancreas for biochemistry, Elastase (ELA
Species: Porcine
Alternative name: PPE) ex, swine Pancreas to measure biochemistry, Elastase (ELA
Identity: 48925
Gene: APELA | More about : APELA
Long gene name: apelin receptor early endogenous ligand
Synonyms: Ende ELA tdl
Synonyms name: ELABELA toddler
Locus: 4q32, 3
Discovery year: 2014-01-24
Entrez gene record: 100506013
Pubmed identfication: 20153842 24316148 24407481
Classification: Endogenous ligands
Havana BLAST/BLAT: OTTHUMG00000161255

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