IL1R2 Antibody

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Catalog number: F41147-0.4ML
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Supplier: NJS poly
Product name: IL1R2 Antibody
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Category: Antibody
Concentration: pH 7, with 0, 09% sodium azide, 4, In 1X PBS
Form: Antigen affinity purified
Conjugation: Unconjugated
Clone: Polyclonal antibody
Recognised antigen: IL1R2
Host animal: Rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus)
Clonality: Polyclonal (rabbit origin)
Species reactivity: Due to limited knowledge and inability to test the antibody against all known species, we cannot guarantee that no other cross reactivity can occur, Human (Homo sapiens)
Tested applications: ELISA, WB
Recommended dilutions: Western blot: 1:1000
Notes: Titration of the IL1R2 antibody may be required due to differences in protocols and secondary/substrate sensitivity
Intented use: This IL1R2 antibodyis to be used only for research purposes and not for diagnostics
Uniprot #: P27930
Purity: Antigen affinity
Description: Interleukin 4 (IL4) is reported to antagonize the activity of interleukin 1 by inducing the expression and release of this cytokine, This gene and three other genes form a cytokine receptor gene cluster on chromosome 2q12, This protein binds interleukin alpha (IL1A), Two alternatively spliced transcript variants encoding the same protein have been reported, and acts as a decoy receptor that inhibits the activity of its ligands, and interleukin 1 receptor, interleukin beta (IL1B), type I(IL1R1/IL1RA), The protein encoded by this gene is a cytokine receptor that belongs to the interleukin 1 receptor family
Immunogen: A portion of amino acids 273-300 from the human protein was used as the immunogen for this IL1R2 antibody
Storage: Celcius or lower, Cycles of freezing and thawing can denaturate the peptide chains of the antibodies and reduce their sensitivity and/or change their affinity, Prepare aliqotes in such a manner so that freeze-thaw cycles are minimized, Aliquot the IL1R2 antibody and store frozen at -20 deg
Properties: C, C for long term storage and for short term at + 5°, If you buy Antibodies supplied by NJS poly they should be stored frozen at - 24°
Gene target: IL1R2
Short name: IL1R2 Antibody
Technique: antibodies against human proteins, antibodies for, Antibody
Alternative name: classification II (Antibody to), interleukin 1 receptor
Alternative technique: antibodies
Alternative to gene target: CD121b and CDw121b and IL-1R-2 and IL-1RT-2 and IL-1RT2 and IL1R2c and IL1RB, Extracellular, IL1R2 and IDBG-630754 and ENSBTAG00000006343 and 515700, IL1R2 and IDBG-64053 and ENSG00000115590 and 7850, Il1r2 and IDBG-148186 and ENSMUSG00000026073 and 16178, Type II, Type II, Type II, blocking receptor activity, blocking receptor activity and also this GO :0005515 : protein binding, blocking receptor activity and molecular function this GO :0005515 and protein binding and molecular function this GO :0005576 and extracellular region and cellular component this GO :0005886 and plasma membrane and cellular component this GO :0006955 and immune response and biological process this GO :0016021 and integral component of membrane and cellular component this GO :0019221 and cytokine-mediated signaling pathway and biological process this GO :0045087 and innate immune response and biological process, interleukin-1, this GO :0004908 and interleukin-1 receptor activity and molecular function this GO :0004910 and interleukin-1, this GO :0004908 : interleukin-1 receptor activity, this GO :0004908 : interleukin-1 receptor activity and also this GO :0004910 : interleukin-1, this GO :0004910 : interleukin-1, this GO :0005515 : protein binding, type II, interleukin 1 receptor
Identity: 5994
Gene: IL1R2 | More about : IL1R2
Long gene name: interleukin 1 receptor type 2
Synonyms gene: IL1RB
Synonyms gene name: interleukin 1 receptor, type II
Synonyms: CD121b
Locus: 2q11, 2
Discovery year: 1992-11-30
GenBank acession: X59770
Entrez gene record: 7850
Pubmed identfication: 10191101 1833184
RefSeq identity: NM_004633
Classification: CD molecules Immunoglobulin like domain containing Interleukin receptors
Havana BLAST/BLAT: OTTHUMG00000130695

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