Glas Tissue-Mount (Tissue-Clear Based), 500 mL

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Catalog number: 7109
Price: 1650 €
Supplier: sakura
Product name: Glas Tissue-Mount (Tissue-Clear Based), 500 mL
Quantity: 6 x 500 mL
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Description: Alcohol dehydrated and cleared with xylene, Store the mounted slides at room temperature, Under a microscope you can apply antibody-staining with antigen retrieval, We advise the use of X-Solv which is a non toxic substitute for xylene or toluene, For use with formalin fixed Immuno histo chemistry and parrafin embedded tissue sections or biopsies
Category: cryomolds and consumables, Sakuras fine tek and Tissue-Tek OCT compounds
Gene target: Glas Tissue-Mount (Tissue Based) 500
Short name: Glas Tissue-Mount (Tissue-Clear Based) 500 mL
Alternative name: 500 milliliter, Glas Tissue-Mount (Tissue-Clear Based)

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