Hamster Tissue Premade Western Blot

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Catalog number: AW-MT-1
Price: 838 €
Supplier: Zyagen
Product name: Hamster Tissue Premade Western Blot
Quantity: 1 Blot
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Test: PVDF is more advised, The best detection method is using enhanced chemiluminescence or ECL, Western Blot can be performed on tissues and cell extracts to determine the proteins present in your sample after PAGE electrophoresis and transfer on PVDF or Nitrocellulose
Properties: Using mabs or monoclonal antibodies has a lot of advantages for Flow cytometry, Armenian of Syrian hamster monoclonal IgGs are useful antibodies for double staining your IHC samples
Gene target: Tissue Premade
Short name: Tissue Premade Blot
Technique: western Blots, Western Blot
Host: Hamster
Species: Hamsters, Hamster
Alternative name: Hamster Tissue Premade Western Blot
Alternative technique: western

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