Hamster Brain Membrane Protein

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Catalog number: AT-201-MEM
Price: 208 €
Supplier: Zyagen
Product name: Hamster Brain Membrane Protein
Quantity: 0.1mg
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Properties: Using mabs or monoclonal antibodies has a lot of advantages for Flow cytometry, Armenian of Syrian hamster monoclonal IgGs are useful antibodies for double staining your IHC samples
Gene target: Brain Membrane Protein
Short name: Brain Membrane Protein
Host: Hamster
Species: Hamsters, Hamster
Alternative name: Hamster Brain Membrane Protein
Identity: 957
Gene: BASP1 | More about : BASP1
Long gene name: brain abundant membrane attached signal protein 1
Synonyms gene name: brain abundant, membrane attached signal protein 1
Synonyms: NAP-22 NAP22 CAP23 CAP-23
Locus: 5p15, 1
Discovery year: 1999-12-08
GenBank acession: AF039656
Entrez gene record: 10409
Pubmed identfication: 9310187 9749536
Havana BLAST/BLAT: OTTHUMG00000131061

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