Myelin Basic Protein ( 68-82 ), guinea pig 25mg

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Catalog number: A1031-25
Price: 245 €
Supplier: Ape
Product name: Myelin Basic Protein ( 68-82 ), guinea pig 25mg
Quantity: 25mg
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This substance is also known as: guinea pig 25 milligrams of pure chemical substance for laboratory research, Myelin Basic Protein ( 68-82 )
This product has a molecular weight of g/mol: 81, 1736
The molecular formula is: C71H113N23O28
CAS number: 98474-59-0
Description: 7 are often produced recombinant and shouldn&rsquo, Basic proteins pH>, t be precipitated by formic acid buffer
Gene target: Myelin Protein 68-82 25mg
Short name: Myelin Protein ( 68-82 ) guinea pig 25mg
Species: guinea
Alternative name: guinea swine 25mg, Myelin Basic Protein ( 68-82 )

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