cDNA - Dog Normal Tissue: Trachea

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Catalog number: C1734160
Price: 363 €
Supplier: BioChain
Product name: cDNA - Dog Normal Tissue: Trachea
Quantity: 40 rxn
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Shipping conditions: Dry Ice
Category: DNA
SubCategory: cDNA
Description: this 1 cDNA is double stranded complementary DNA derived by BioChain from mRNA with very high fidelity reverse transcription using a pfu or pfx mix
Properties: BioChain produces ELISA test kits and polyclonal antibodies, Canine or Canis Lupus is mostly Beagle used for drug research
Gene target: - Normal Tissue: Trachea
Short name: cDNA - Normal Tissue: Trachea
Technique: cDNAs, cDNA
Species: Dogs, Dog
Alternative name: complementary Desoxyribonucleic acid - canine healthy Tissue: Trachea
Alternative technique: pcr

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