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Catalog number Product name
DG-010 Dog Tissue Genomic DNA Panel
DG-015 Dog Tissue Genomic DNA Panel
DG-101 Dog Skin Genomic DNA
DG-102 Dog Skeletal Muscles Genomic DNA
DG-201 Dog Brain Genomic DNA
DG-301 Dog Esophagus Genomic DNA
DG-302 Dog Stomach Genomic DNA
DG-306 Dog Intestine Genomic DNA
DG-311 Dog Colon Genomic DNA
DG-313 Dog Pancreas Genomic DNA
DG-314 Dog Liver Genomic DNA
DG-401 Dog Testis Genomic DNA
DG-406 Dog Ovary Genomic DNA
DG-411 Dog Uterus Genomic DNA
DG-413 Dog Placenta Genomic DNA
DG-601 Dog Lung Genomic DNA
DG-701 Dog Spleen Genomic DNA
DG-801 Dog Heart Genomic DNA
DG-901 Dog Kidney Genomic DNA
DN-CUS-1 Dog Tissue Custom Made Northern Blot-1
DN-CUS-2 Dog Tissue Custom Made Northern Blot-2
DN-MT-1 Dog Tissue Premade Northern Blot
DP-010 Dog Tissue Paraffin Sections Panel, Set of any 10 tissues
DP-101 Dog Skin paraffin Sections
DP-102 Dog Skeletal Muscles paraffin Sections
DP-103 Dog Adipose Tissue paraffin Sections
DP-105 Dog Tongue paraffin Sections
DP-202 Dog Brain, Cerebellum paraffin Sections
DP-210 Dog Brain, Cerebral Cortex paraffin Sections
DP-230 Dog Spinal cord paraffin Sections
DP-301 Dog Esophagus paraffin Sections
DP-302 Dog Stomach paraffin Sections
DP-307 Dog Small Intestine, Duodenum paraffin Sections
DP-308 Dog Small Intestine, Jejunum paraffin Sections
DP-309 Dog Small Intestine, Ileum paraffin Sections
DP-312 Dog Rectum paraffin Sections
DP-313 Dog Pancreas paraffin Sections
DP-314 Dog Liver paraffin Sections
DP-401 Dog Testis paraffin Sections
DP-406 Dog Ovary paraffin Sections
DP-413 Dog Placenta Paraffin Sections
DP-601 Dog Lung paraffin Sections
DP-605 Dog Diaphragm paraffin Sections
DP-701 Dog Spleen paraffin Sections
DP-702 Dog Thymus paraffin Sections
DP-801 Dog Heart paraffin Sections
DP-901 Dog Kidney paraffin Sections
DP-902 Dog Bladder paraffin Sections
DR-010 Dog Tissue Total RNA Panel, any 10 except noted with *
DR-101 Dog Skin RNA
DR-101-MR Dog Skin mRNA
DR-101-SR Dog Skin MicroRNA
DR-102 Dog Skeletal Muscles RNA
DR-102-MR Dog Skeletal Muscles mRNA
DR-102-SR Dog Skeletal Muscles MicroRNA
DR-103 Dog Adipose Tissue RNA*
DR-105 Dog Tongue Total RNA
DR-106 Dog Eye RNA
DR-106-MR Dog Eye mRNA
DR-106-SR Dog Eye MicroRNA
DR-201-MR Dog Brain mRNA
DR-201-SR Dog Brain MicroRNA
DR-202 Dog Brain, Cerebellum RNA
DR-203 Dog Brain, Hippocampus RNA*
DR-204 Dog Brain, Hypothalamus RNA*
DR-210 Dog Brain, Cerebral Cortex RNA
DR-230 Dog Spinal Cord RNA
DR-301 Dog Esophagus RNA
DR-302 Dog Stomach RNA
DR-302-MR Dog Stomach mRNA
DR-302-SR Dog Stomach MicroRNA
DR-306-MR Dog Intestine mRNA
DR-306-SR Dog Intestine MicroRNA
DR-307 Dog Small Intestine, Duodenum RNA
DR-308 Dog Small Intestine, Jejunum RNA
DR-309 Dog Small Intestine, Ileum Total RNA
DR-311 Dog Colon RNA
DR-311-MR Dog Colon mRNA
DR-311-SR Dog Colon microRNA
DR-312 Dog Rectum RNA
DR-313 Dog Pancreas RNA
DR-313-MR Dog Pancreas mRNA
DR-313-SR Dog Pancreas MicroRNA
DR-314 Dog Liver RNA
DR-314-MR Dog Liver mRNA
DR-314-SR Dog Liver MicroRNA
DR-401 Dog Testis RNA
DR-401-MR Dog Testis mRNA
DR-401-SR Dog Testis MicroRNA
DR-406-MR Dog Ovary mRNA
DR-406-SR Dog Ovary MicroRNA
DR-411 Dog Uterus RNA*
DR-411-MR Dog Uterus mRNA
DR-411-SR Dog Uterus MicroRNA
DR-413 Dog Placenta Total RNA*
DR-501 Dog Adrenal RNA*
DR-601 Dog Lung RNA
DR-601-MR Dog Lung mRNA
DR-601-SR Dog Lung MicroRNA
DR-605 Dog Diaphragm RNA*

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