Pseudomonas Agar Base (I)

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Catalog number: 90912
Price: 142 €
Supplier: Research sys
Product name: Pseudomonas Agar Base (I)
Quantity: 100 Gms
Other quantities: 500 Gms 187€
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Reagent properties: Culture medium that is dehydrated or lyopilized for easy transport
About: A problem in hostpital is often the Pseudomonas Aeruginosa containing multi drug resistancy properties that are transmitted through plasmids, Pseudomonas genomic , The MDR property is transmitter by the R plasmid, Pseudomonas , is a Gram-negative bacteria, sequences are used in medical research
Gene target: Pseudomonas Agar Base (I)
Short name: Pseudomonas Agar Base (I)
Species: Pseudomonas, Pseudomonas
Alternative name: Pseudomonas media gelling agent Base (I)

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