TransDirect GENTAUR Plant Tissue PCR Kit

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Catalog number: AD301-02
Price: 523 €
Supplier: TAQ
Product name: TransDirect GENTAUR Plant Tissue PCR Kit
Quantity: 500 rxns×20 µlSystems
Other quantities: 100 rxns×20 µlSystems 123€
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Group: polymerase chain reaction, PCR
About: DNA , Plants RNA, The mores specific the lower the yield, cDNA and plant tissues are used to study plant genes, TAQ or Pfu or Pfx or other enzymes are used for polycmerase chain reaction and have different specificity
Gene target: TransDirect GENTAUR Tissue Kit
Short name: TransDirect GENTAUR Tissue PCR Kit
Technique: For real time PCR the cycle threshold Ct values willneed to be set before the experiment, Than the RT-PCR starts from RNA and real time PCR quantitates the cDNA so the RNA in the sample on given time of the experiment, The , (PCR) amplifies the DNA in your sample, PCR, polymerase chain reaction 
Species: Plants, Plant
Alternative name: TransDirect GENTAUR vegetal Tissue PCR test reagent Kit
Alternative technique: dna-amplification

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