SLFNL1 antibody

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Supplier: MBS mono
Product name: SLFNL1 antibody
Quantity: 100ul
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Also known as: SLFNL1
Other names: N/A, Schlafen-like protein 1, schlafen-like 1, schlafen-like protein 1, schlafen-like protein 1
Category: Antibodies
Subcategory: Mnoclonal antibodies
Gene name: SLFNL1
Other gene names: N/A, N/A, SLFNL1, SLFNL1
Clonality: Monoclonal
Immunoglobulin isotype: IgG1
Clone: 3D4
Host organism: Mouse (Mus musculus)
Species reactivity: Due to limited knowledge and inability for testing each and every species, the reactivity of the antibody may extend to other species which are not listed hereby, Human (Homo sapiens)
Specificity and cross-reactivity: Since it is not possible to test each and every species our knowledge on the corss reactivity of the antibodies is limited, This particular antibody might cross react with speacies outside of the listed ones, N/A
Purification method: SLFNL1 antibody was purified by affinity chromatography
Form/Appearance: 50% glycerol and 0, containing 1% BSA, pH 7, 02% sodium azide, 3, Supplied in PBS buffer
Concentration: 500 ug-1 miligram per 1 mililiter
Storage and shipping: Cycles of freezing and defrosting may denaturate the polypeptide chains of the antibodies, Long term storage should be done after aliquoting and at -20°, thus reducing their activity, C, For shorter periods of time keep the antibody at +4 degrees Celsius
Tested applications:: Western Blot (WB), Immunofluorescence (IF)
French translation: anticorps
Gene target: SLFNL1
Short name: SLFNL1 antibody
Alternative name: schlafen-like 1 (Antibody to)
Alternative technique: antibodies
Alternative to gene target: ATP binding, SLFNL1 and IDBG-640664 and ENSBTAG00000001628 and 614897, SLFNL1 and IDBG-97109 and ENSG00000171790 and 200172, Slfnl1 and IDBG-183685 and ENSMUSG00000047518 and 194219, multiple, this GO :0005524 and ATP binding and molecular function, this GO :0005524 : ATP binding, this GO :0005524 : ATP binding, schlafen-like 1
Identity: 26313
Gene: SLFNL1 | More about : SLFNL1
Long gene name: schlafen like 1
Synonyms gene name: schlafen-like 1
Synonyms: FLJ23878
Locus: 1p34, 2
Discovery year: 2006-04-05
GenBank acession: BC022037
Entrez gene record: 200172
RefSeq identity: NM_144990
Classification: Schlafen family
Havana BLAST/BLAT: OTTHUMG00000005719

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