DNA Adenine Methylase Antibody

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Catalog number: GENTAUR-58be1f9a62d72
Price: 370 €
Supplier: MBS mono
Product name: DNA Adenine Methylase Antibody
Quantity: 100ug
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Also known as: DNA Adenine Methylase
Other names: DNA adenine methylase, DNA adenine methyltransferase, DNA adenine methyltransferase, Deoxyadenosyl-methyltransferase, M, N/A, DNA adenine methyltransferase, EcoDam
Category: Antibodies
Subcategory: Mnoclonal antibodies
Gene name: ECK3374, JW3350, N/A, dam, dam
Gene name synonims: ECK3374, JW3350, N/A, dam, dam
Other gene names: ECK3374, JW3350, N/A, dam, dam
Clonality: Monoclonal
Immunoglobulin isotype: IgG1
Clone: RB1
Host organism: Mouse (Mus musculus)
Species reactivity: Due to limited knowledge and inability for testing each and every species, the reactivity of the antibody may extend to other species which are not listed hereby, Gram Negative Bacteria
Specificity and cross-reactivity: Since it is not possible to test each and every species our knowledge on the corss reactivity of the antibodies is limited, This particular antibody might cross react with speacies outside of the listed ones, N/A
Purification method: Protein A/G Chromatography
Form/Appearance: 08% sodium azide, Provided as solution in phosphate buffered saline with 0
Storage and shipping: Aliquot to avoid freeze/thaw cycles, Product should be stored the antibody should be stored at -20 degrees Celsius
Tested applications:: Western Blot (WB)
Properties: C, C for long term storage and for short term at + 5°, If you buy Antibodies supplied by MBS mono they should be stored frozen at - 24°
Gene target: DNA Adenine Methylase
Short name: DNA Adenine Methylase Antibody
Technique: antibodies against human proteins, antibodies for, Antibody
Alternative name: Desoxyribonucleic acid Adenine Methylase (Antibody to)
Alternative technique: antibodies

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