Recombinant E. coli Tryptophan Synthase (N-6His)

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Catalog number: CM75
Price: 1613 €
Supplier: novo
Product name: Recombinant E. coli Tryptophan Synthase (N-6His)
Quantity: 500 µg
Other quantities: 1 mg 2283€ 10 µg 156€ 50 µg 369€
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Reacts with: Human
Source: proteins, Recombinants or rec
Description: Recombinant E, Thr2-Ile397 is expressed with a 6His tag at the N-terminus, coli Tryptophan synthase is produced by our E, coli expression system and the target gene encoding Met1-Ser268&
Molecular Weight: 5 kD, 72
UniProt number: P0A877&, P0A879
State of the product: Liquid
Shipping conditions: Dry ice/ice packs
Formulation: pH7, 2 um filtered solution of phosphate buffered saline, 4, Supplied as a 0
Storage recommendations: -20°, Please minimize freeze-thaw cycles, stable for 6 months after receipt, C, Store at <
Purity: and determined by Polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, Greater than 95%
Levels of endotoxin: 11 IEU/ug, LAL test shows less than than 0
Group: recombinants
Gene target: Tryptophan Synthase (N-6His)
Short name: coli Tryptophan Synthase (N-6His), Recombinant E
Technique: E, coli recombinant proteins are , novo advises they will be reconstituted in a buffer soluion or culture medium for cell culture, supplied as white sterile powder lyopillized, Recombinant, genetic recombinations , in Escherichia coli
Host: Escherichia coli
Species: E, coli, coli, E
Alternative name: coli Tryptophan Synthase (N-6His), recombinant E
Alternative technique: rec

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