Baboon Positive Controlfor Western Blot

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Catalog number: PC-BAB
Price: 264 €
Supplier: fabgen
Product name: Baboon Positive Controlfor Western Blot
Quantity: 100 µg
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Vial description: purified Baboon Positive Control
Antibody's or peptide concentration: ug/ml in stabilization buffer
Raised in: sterile environment
Reactivity: specific antigen
Immunogen: see msds
Antigen or peptide: Baboon
Original name: Baboon Positive Control
Phosphorylation: Non phosphorylated
Epitope: specific sequence
Type: Positive Control
Antibody's relevance: WB
Antibody's application: Western Blot
Storage conditions: -20⁰C for long term storage
Genbank number: see ncbi
Protein number: Q23975
Properties: BLASTed sequences are used to find homological regions, Most human antibodies and protein are very homologous to baboon genes
Test: PVDF is more advised, The best detection method is using enhanced chemiluminescence or ECL, Western Blot can be performed on tissues and cell extracts to determine the proteins present in your sample after PAGE electrophoresis and transfer on PVDF or Nitrocellulose
Description: Positive controls are the same as the target vector or antibody or protein and can be spiked to the sample before the analysis starts
Group: positif
Gene target: Controlfor
Short name: Positive Controlfor Blot
Technique: western Blots, Western Blot
Species: Baboons, Baboon
Alternative name: Baboon Positive Controlfor Western Blot
Alternative technique: controls

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